Government not good at doing its job

We’ve written this editorial before, many times, actually, so please excuse the repetition, but we think it is important: We don’t endorse political candidates. That’s primarily because we seldom see any who reflect our core values of limited government. Those seeking office on Nov. 8 are mostly well-intentioned people. Their hearts are in the right […]

Not always best choice to buy from local businesses

State Auditor Tim Keller is going over state contracts worth more than $60,000 with a fine-toothed comb, looking for how much money goes to out-of-state businesses instead of to New Mexico companies. From a preliminary review, Keller estimates more than a half billion dollars is at stake and calls the practice one of the state’s […]

Believers must prepare for battle daily

Many have heard the poem that begins, “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” The rest of the poem tells why and where he sailed, that he landed on Oct. 12, 1492, in the Bahamas, just off the coast of what would become the USA, and that he sailed again and again. […]

Wilson: Mendoza line helpful in comparison

Kevin Wilson

As my Texas Rangers spent the early portion of the playoffs proving, baseball is a game of failure.   Fail six times out of 10, you’re a Hall of Famer. Fail seven times and you’re an above-average hitter. Fail eight, and you’re a bowl of Waffle Crisp in my hands. Does this make no sense […]

Hanson: Pence keeps on-topic and wins

About last week’s vice presidential debate: It was clear to me that Mike Pence won. Pence made me see things about the Republican agenda I like. Tim Kaine made me see things about the Democrats’ agenda that I don’t like. That is based on style. Mike Pence would be a good political handler if he […]

Hansen: Heat gone, but damage is done

As we indicate elsewhere in this newspaper, cooler weather has returned this month to Quay County. That means we see temperatures below 90 before 10 a.m. once in a while and clouds are appearing daily, sometimes bringing rain — sometimes even thunder, lightning and wind. Randall Hergert, a friendly voice of the National Weather Service […]

McDonald: Reading makes a writer better

Since the start of a new school year brings new adventures in education, and since reading and writing are essential to a good education, and since there’s a fair number of people who have trouble with reading and writing, I offer up a case study — myself. When I was a kid, I read words […]

Editorial:Email dump latest evidence of D.C. quid pro quo

Fresh on the heels of emails that showed Democratic National Committee bosses discussing ways to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders come new emails that show donors to the Clinton Foundation had a special in with the State Department under then-Secretary Hillary Clinton. Sad, but hardly surprising — and completely in character with the […]

Steve Hansen: State lucky to avoid national coverage

By Steve Hansen Fromer QCS Managing Editor I have to wonder sometimes about the role of my media colleagues in the tragic police-involved events of the past several weeks. We’re the ones who decide whether a story goes national. Any more, it seems formulaic: White cop vs. black suspect. Black suspect dies during or shortly […]

Steve Hansen: Some summertime thoughts to ponder

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Some random mid-summer thoughts for the Fourth of July: • It’s hot and the thunderstorms seem to go around us in Tucumcari as if we had posted a “no storm” sign with “double fines” below it in the stratosphere.  We had a good one a couple of weeks […]