Cheating ‘Old Man Winter’ with warmer temps

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor We’ve been enjoying a few weeks of false spring in eastern New Mexico. It seems that in some ways, we’re acting like it’s really going to stay warm and pleasant. We might be right. We’re in an El Nino year, and while some parts of the nation are […]

Letter to the Editor

When the pope spoke about Donald Trump’s Christianity, it got me to thinking of some things that do not make sense. Republicans in their debates and ads are always expressing fear and mad at someone or something and stressing their Christianity. Listed are a few quotes we have all heard in our churches at one […]

Hansen:Reviewing the Oscar’s Best Picture nominees

Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor It’s Sunday, Feb. 28. I’m not watching the Academy Awards this evening, because the column I’m writing instead is overdue. And because I haven’t seen any of the movies. That won’t stop me from commenting a little about the Best Picture nominees. One of the nominees is called “The […]

Steve Hansen: Politicians at odds over Supreme Court vacancy

By Steve Hansen QCS Former Managing Editor The political world is in turmoil. The Republicans have vowed to block any of President Obama’s nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Democrats are saying that would block the president’s constitutional authority. I am stifling a yawn. It’s politics as usual. Anybody remember Robert Bork? Conservative President […]

Steve Hansen: Writers vary on how, what they write about

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Serious writers vary in where, how and on what they etch their thoughts into letters. Older writers and a surprising number of younger ones actually produce their work in longhand, even in the age of word processing. As a young writer in Paris, Ernest Hemingway would find a […]

Steve Hansen: Like software, we need to stay up to date

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor A time that many have feared since the advent of room-size computers that could do a tenth of what a modern calculator can do may be uncomfortably close, according to a growing number of economists. Economists are saying that robots and computers are starting to take more jobs […]

Steve Hansen:Making a choice between time, money

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Life gives most of us a choice between time and money. The pursuit of money is usually the pursuit of stuff, and sadly, you end up so busy making money to pay for the stuff that you never get to enjoy it. On the other hand, if a […]

Letter to the Editor

A not so fiscal plan The Republicans are always stressing the importance of being fiscally responsible and accuse Democrats as being irresponsibly “tax and spend.” A little casual investigation reveals the reality is Republicans are “tax cut and spend.” Guess which process results in a larger deficit? The claim they use to justify tax cuts, […]

Steve Hansen: State’s problems will take time to fix

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The state of New Mexico has one of the nation’s highest poverty rates, its worst child welfare status, an oil boom going bust and is losing more big business than it is gaining. The state Legislature has 30 days to start doing something about some of these problems, […]

Steve Hansen: The silly season is in full swing

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The eyes of the nation, the world and the media are on Iowa and New Hampshire as we all breathlessly await the results of the first two state primaries as our Quadrennial Silly Season of national political campaigns lopes into full sprint. These happen to be the first […]