Groups aim to put residents on a healthier ‘trail’

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor On Saturday I joined a group of kids and adults to paint shoeprints on downtown Tucumcari sidewalks. This was to mark the path of the “Rail Trail,” in preparation for its grand opening at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Rail Depot downtown. The Rail Trail is the first […]

Letter to the Editor

It’s a residence not a business The recently proposed garage sale ordinance is not too broad — just the opposite. It must target those running a business out of their home and every-other-weekend garage sales. I’ve heard suggestions that the city needs to stop being petty and worry about fixing streets and drug crimes. Well, […]

Letter to the Editor

Michael G. Lucero is a Republican candidate hoping to replace Ben Ray Lujan as our  U.S. representative. In a speech he gave his qualifications and reasons for wanting to represent us. There is a huge difference between well informed and indoctrinated; Lucero obviously falls under the latter. Lucero complained about the government bullying him to […]

It’s a time of resentment, it’s tax bill time

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor On or about April 15 every year, many Americans of all political stripes momentarily become government-hating conservatives and libertarians. That’s because they learn first-hand the personal cost to them of government. Nobody writes a check or hits the “enter” key to see their bank account shrink by the […]

Pfizer left with a hard pill to swallow

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor U.S. drug giant Pfizer won’t be adopting a brogue or wearing kilts anytime soon. Its proposed merger with Irish drug maker Allergan, part of which would have moved Pfizer to the Emerald Isle, fizzled after the U.S. put the kibosh (an Irish word, by the way) on “tax […]

Let Jesus be your faith’s author

By Leonard Lauriault   Religion Columnist About a month ago, our grandson came in holding his back saying, “I fell out of a tree and I don’t feel good. I’m going to lie down. I never thought that would happen to me.” Emergency room staff found that he’d cracked a rib and nicked a small […]

Hansen: Campaign battles are, have been, dirty

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor This year’s presidential campaigns have been called the dirtiest in history. Well, if you don’t count the Richard Nixon campaign in 1972, the Lyndon Johnson campaign of 1964, or numerous campaigns in the 19th Century, this year’s gloves-off slugfest is probably pretty bad. Nixon’s “dirty tricks” squad, spawned […]

Garcia: Cat solves the case of the missing pen

By Thomas Garcia QCS Columnist It amazes me what you can lose — and then find around the house when you have pets. As some of you may know, I have two cats — Toby and Brownie — who are sources of great joy in my life as well as laughter, confusion and the occasional […]

Auto advertisements hurting sales

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor The process of selling a house, most families’ largest investment, is all seriousness and dignity. But local selling for a family’s second-largest investment, the car, gets no dignity or seriousness, or, in my humble opinion, intelligence. It seems to be a common delusion among new-car dealers that they […]

Steve Hansen: Sounding off about some questionable music

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Some songs on the radio make you wonder how they got played or recorded, or written in the first place. I heard one from 1974 just the other day called, “The Night Chicago Died.” This one, setting a fictional scene from the gangland 1920s, starts with the spoken […]