Draper: America’s schools may not be so bad after all

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor My column’s loyal following (and thank you, sir or madam) may remember that I recently took our education system to task. “We don’t respect education like Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore,” the top five nations in education, I said. Comes now John Draper of the National […]

Even near disaster can’t dull love of okra

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I love the vegetables of summer. I came about the love naturally, back when we deep-fried many of the veggies from the garden. Taters, onions, squash, sometimes tomatoes but most of all okra were all subjected to hot oil and sometimes a pretty heavy breading. Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest […]

A miscalculation of a girl dog in heat

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist   I grew up on a farm so I learned at a young age about the birds and the bees. I learned first hand what goes on between girl animals and boy animals when girl animals come into season. But I guess it’s been too long since I was down […]

Walker encounters pigs, pigskins and Pepsi

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I met a pig on a walk around the other day. He grunted several times but had little else to say. Driven by a young man with his new show stick. Roadwork before the fair should do the trick. I’ve started walking again in the mornings and it’s truly amazing […]

Old clips recall hand-model memories

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist One thing readers of this column would probably be surprised to know about me is that I was once a hand model. That’s right, my stubby and formerly ink-stained digits were featured prominently in a publication of national significance. I hadn’t thought about it in years until I was going […]

Day ruling right

The outrage and frustration from family members is understandable. Tony Day is accused of killing two innocent people and the maximum punishment he will receive under the law is nominal by comparison. But Tucumcari District Judge Albert Mitchell acted responsibly and humanely with his ruling last week that Day should be sentenced as a juvenile. […]

Jack is still hopping around our prairies

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist Jack is back. Or maybe he’s just been laying low. Until recently I was concerned that the black-tailed jackrabbits that inhabit our desert prairies were suffering a fate similar to the sand dunes lizard and the prairie chicken.  But recent encounters with the long-eared hare prove otherwise. Anyone who grew […]

Songs from old hymnal get better with time

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I have a ragged songbook in the bookshelf next to my computer at home that has a first copyright three years before I was born. Anything between my birth date and the days Christ walked the Earth is pretty old, and we’ll just leave it at “this is a pretty […]

Yard work an exercise in futility; should I rent a cow?

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor For a guy who hates yard work, I always seem to end up with the biggest yard in the block, and by the time I’m done trying, dreading, then giving up on yard work, my yard becomes a monument to failed intentions. Currently my lawn is threadbare, but the […]

Lynn Moncus was hard but believed in her students

By Anne E. Foland Roseburg, Oregon (Editor’s note: Lynn Moncus, 79, a beloved former teacher and Quay County historian, died June 23.) I recently learned of the passing of Lynn Moncus and wished to express my condolences to the residents of Quay County.  I know she was beloved and she will be missed. I met […]