Everyone needs to stop, look at big picture

A wide assortment of issue advocates who oppose the president-elect have reacted to Donald Trump’s victory with emotions ranging from serious and legitimate concern to hysteria. Organizations that advocate for immigrants in the country illegally are among those spreading fear that is unlikely to match reality. Without question, Trump often spoke in harsh terms when […]

Hansen: Loudest voices most out of touch

I hope everybody’s Thanksgiving was as good as mine. Some thoughts while reading newspapers over the holiday: • Why does “politicizing” an issue mean that “somebody is saying or doing something I disagree with?” It’s all politics. • If Hillary’s “atrocities” were at all serious, why are they being pardoned now? Could it be that […]

Render: Political groups manipulate language

Rube Render

At one time in America we had financial crises that were reported as “panics,” as in the “financial panic of 1873.” Panics were considered too harsh a term to describe a financial decline so they became depressions, as in the “great depression of the 1930s.” Once again depressions became too harsh to define a financial […]

MVD at fault for Real ID confusion

Here’s a guess that the folks who run the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division are not Black Friday shoppers. They are the folks who scramble on Christmas Eve to find the gifts they need. That procrastination on the part of MVD is the reason far too many New Mexicans are going into the holidays scrambling […]

Hansen: Journalists still have thinking to do

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the presidential race has caused news media to begin some introspection. It is wrong and dangerous, however, to assume the media’s re-thinking is based, as the right-wing talk-o-sphere is proclaiming, on its “left-wing bias.” It’s wrong because mainstream media’s current re-assessment is not about “Gee, how did we lose this […]

Render: We couldn’t have seen this coming

Elections have consequences and some of them are unforeseen. In what NBC news described as a “maneuver that seemed to deliberately limit access to the media” the Trump family went to dinner. The president-elect had the impertinence to decide he was hungry after his spokeswoman told the press pool that his day had ended. One […]

Church response may usher in new abortion stance

At places of worship across the country, abortion is not an unusual topic for discussion, or even instruction. That the subject may be given more intense attention during an election season isn’t unusual, either. That’s because even though abortion is legal, based on a 1973 Supreme Court decision, it remains one of the most divisive […]

Must see the best in the president

The election is over, but I can’t get the bad taste of this ugly campaign out of my mouth. I’d like to make a few points about what presidential politics should be about. For one, human beings — not saints — run for office. Human beings have flaws, and just about all of us have […]

Results aside, life stays the same

Kent McManigal

By the time you are reading this, the presidential election will be history. Which I suppose is better than hysteria, which is what it has been for well over a year. Perhaps there are some “electronic voting irregularities” — this year’s equivalent of “hanging chads” — casting a shadow over the results. Many will doubt […]

Results determined by God

As I write, I don’t know the results of the presidential election, but by the time this article is printed we should know the outcome. Although, it still may not be completely settled since the election results must be ratified. What I have known, though, is that the choice for our next president has been […]