“If You Want To Know What a Man’s Like . . .” — Curtis K. Shelburne

By Curtis K. Shelburne I just wanted a good story, nothing especially profound, as I was reading one of J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books a few years ago. But from the mouth of one of her characters came this bit of wisdom: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good […]

Veterans counseled on workforce

Joshua Baca, an adviser for the Veterans Business Outreach Center of Albuquerque, sat at a table with First Sgt. Robert Scales of the New Mexico Army National Guard and businessman Donald Sawyer. Alisa Boswell: CMI staff First Sgt. Robert Scales, left, of the New Mexico Army National Guard, and businessman Donald Sawyer, center, talk about […]

Veterans ride for cause

Two veterans from California were greeted by Tucumcari residents Friday as they made a stop on their cross-country bicycle ride advocating for veteran's rights. "The main thing is making people aware of issues facing veterans," said U.S Army veteran Wesley Barrientos. QCS photo: Thomas Garcia U.S. Army Veteran Wesley Barrientos, center, and U.S. Marine Corps […]

Military mama: Soothing children’s fears part of parental duties


There are so many times in life that I wish that I were more eloquent and far faster on the trigger when it comes to answering tricky questions. I never thought that I would be stumped long before the birds and the bees need be addressed.

Military mama: Fight will still continue


The recent news that the U.S. had accomplished a mission nearly a decade in the making brought on an outpouring of support. There were levels of excitement that varied from a calm sense of relief all the way to pure jubilation and parades. I found myself feeling satisfied that a long-time terrorist was officially out […]