Lauriault: Teach your children to look both ways for Jesus

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist School started this week for most of our children. Please watch out for them as they’re going to and from school. As much as we teach our children to cross at street corners and to look both ways before walking across the street, they’re not always attuned to their surroundings […]

Give your best as you work, to bring glory to the Lord

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist When asked to substitute for my Sunday School class, I felt honored. It was up to me to decide whether I wanted to show a video or prepare a lesson. I chose the latter. The first thing I did was pray that God would direct me to what He would […]

Lauriault: Don’t forget, God gives greatness to good, can take it away

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist It’s fair time again. Several counties have already had their fair and most of the rest will hold theirs this month with state and regional fairs to follow. Quay County’s Fair is next week. Hopefully, all the remaining fairs, including ours, will have “fair” weather. Like the rain we’ve been […]

Debra Whittington: In awe of the ways God gets my attention

As a child I heard them called hop toads. Other people called them frogs or simply toads. Whatever you call this amphibious creature one thing is certain; they belong away from the house. I was starting to feel a little better physically but one certain morning I definitely got up on the wrong side of […]

Answering God’s questions

By Leonard Lauriault Religion columnist Conversation between wife and grandson while going to church recently: Grandson: “Are we there yet?” Wife: “Yes.” Grandson: “No, we’re not!” Wife: If you knew the answer, why’d you ask?” Grandson: No response. I’ve no comment about my wife’s answer to our grandson’s initial question, except that this became a […]

Debra Whittington: Prayer was answer to recent health scare

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist During a recent health scare my first thought was, “I am glad I don’t have to tell Mom. This would upset her”. Although concerned at what the doctor was saying about my condition, I knew how Mom would react if she were here. She would be at the hospital some […]

Your beliefs have to agree with God’s word

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist The following article was written by a dear friend, Jeannie Pepper, with just a little modification by me. Thanks, Jeannie. How long has it been since you examined your beliefs? Consider the way you think, the way you live, and what you believe (2 Corinthians 13:5; 1 Timothy 4:16). Just […]

Remember, patriotism never goes out of fashion

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist Mark and I took a day trip up through the Texas Panhandle and I was amazed at what I saw. It was greener than I had ever seen it. I was drawn in by the beauty of the rolling hills and the fluffy white clouds. As we drove to the […]

Take time to remember God’s greatest gift

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I was struggling for a topic for today’s article. So, I just did a Google search for the date, June . The top hit, Wikipedia (, showed that June 24 seemed historically a day like any other with births, deaths, and other significant events all of which are important to […]

Debra Whittington: Focus on the needs of others, not your desires

By Debra Whittington Religon Columnist A series of events over the last few weeks made me start thinking. When did people stop caring about others and only focused on themselves? I understand that not everyone falls into this category as there are so many caring people in the world. What I want to know is […]