Comments from the canyons: Yearbooks hold many fond memories

Recently, a friend mentioned that she had spent some time browsing through her Tucumcari High School annuals and what memories they had revived. Naturally, I grabbed some of mine and began to enjoy looking at the pictures of friends, but the best experience was reading the comments made by those teenage friends and most of my teachers.

Each year when the YUCCA arrived, we had much trouble concentrating on any kind of class work. Some of the really caring teachers knew how to get us to do a little work if they would allow us to sign those books during the first or last part of class. Otherwise, we would be slipping them to each other, writing in them, and sending them to the next person, When we were caught, a few of the teachers, who had limited patience, would relieve us of those books for the rest of the period or even the rest of the day

As I read some of the remarks, I remembered the writers very clearly and could picture the classes we had together, the stunts we pulled, and the good times we had throughout our time in these schools. We wrote about our friendships and about how much we had enjoyed being in school together. By the senior year, we were wishing each other good luck in the future and thanking them even more for the great times we had.

Most of the teachers just signed their names, but a few of the favorites took the time to write some kind remarks. As I glanced at those, I surely had fond memories of those men and women who did so much to prepare us for life after school. We were very fortunate to have so many caring people to send us on our way.

Being on the annual staff was also great fun because we had the chance to add a few things that represented the fun we had while trying to be serious in some of those classes. We also learned a lot about putting a book together by arranging each page and proofreading the entire publication.

If you haven’t paged through your high school yearbooks lately, dig them out, dust them off, and just enjoy one more sentimental journey. Seeing ourselves then and now may be a bit of a shock, but the wonderful memories that erupt take away some of the lines for just a few minutes. If you are fortunate enough to have such books from other generations, take the time to enjoy them. I have those of my parents, some of friends in their age group, and a few later ones. Because I was privileged to know so many of their friends and classmates, I really enjoy looking back into the 1920’s and

seeing many young people who helped our town grow and prosper.

Take a moment to travel back in time and to have fun remembering some of the mischief you created.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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