Thomas: Rain brings both good and bad

I am grateful for the rainfall we had this weekend and the forecasted chances for additional rain throughout this nest week.

As I wrote in my previous column the rain has sparked the signs of life around the county and in town. Everywhere you look you can see green yards and fields as opposed to the dry yellow and sandy sites they were before.

I can truly say this: The last few weeks have brought so many perks. My friend Peaches has plenty of lizards to chase and the horses of my friends actually have grass in the fields to enjoy, and let us not forget the most important part: The reduction in the dust flying around in the wind.

While all the signs point to good, there are a few downsides to this wonderful change in the weather. The weeds have doubled if not tripled in their growth rate which has resulted in the need for additional yard work.

Friday morning I heard the sound of lawn mowers around my neighborhood and the smell of freshly cut grass and weeds filled the air. If you have allergies you know exactly what I was talking about and were no doubt reaching for the nearest box of Benadryl.

The added growth presented another problem as a most bothersome pest was using my weeds as a base of operations with the goal of relieving me and anyone in the immediate area of their life source (blood).

I am referring to the mosquito, the other downside to wet weather. These pests breed in pools of standing water, and if you venture outside without using OFF or citronella candles, you are in for a bite-filled evening.

Normally mosquitoes are not much of a concern for me; however, in the past few years, news reports of West Nile Virus have changed my perception of the winged annoyances.

I was sitting on the porch with a friend and we were swarmed by the pests. In fact, some of the mosquitoes were so large that when they passed in front of my eye they prompted me to duck and swerve my head. The following day a nice evening on the porch talking and enjoying the weather was cut short due to the little blood-suckers.

I can handle just about any outdoor pest, barring spiders. They still bother the heck out of me, and if I don’t overreact and kill them I tend to relocate. I’ve gotten better when it comes to spiders, though I’m not about to shake hands, play nice and invite them over to play anytime soon.

Ants, bees, wasps and the occasional sun spider have their purpose in nature and I have come to the point where I allow them to continue on with their business. Now mosquitoes, they are on my hit list and must be dealt with in the most extreme way.

I’m not sure if their is anything more annoying then when you are trying to watch TV, talk with your friends or sleep and are interrupted by that buzzing. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

That unmistakable buzz which accompanies the little monsters is sometimes an indication of where you need to swat, other times is just a clever ploy to make you slap the side of your face and appear crazy to others.

Sometimes I’ll smack myself thinking I’ve killed the pest then look at my hand only to be disappointed their is no sign of a dead mosquito.

I recently bought some Deep Woods OFF, thinking the extra powerful formula may prove too much for our city dwelling mosquitoes. Surely, the deep woods formula will be enough to stave of the attacks, though I’m sure I’ll have to commit to wearing it every time I leave the house.

Having to wear OFF every time I leave the house may prove to be my next dilemma. Who wants to spend their leisure time smelling of chemicals?

Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. He can be reached at

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