Logan superintendent resigns

Thomas Garcia
QCS Senior Writer

The Logan School Board accepted the resignation of Johnnie Cain as superintendent Monday and officially began the search for his replacement.

Cain has accepted a position as superintendent of the Portales Municipal School District.

The Logan board accepted Cain’s resignation during Monday’s meeting as a formality that allows the board to start searching for a new schools chief, said Thomas S. Humble, school board president.

Humble said Cain is leaving Logan schools in a good position and there is no rush to fill the vacancy.

“We want to make the best possible decision for our students,” Humble said. He said the school board has already received five applications for the superintendent’s position.

Humble said Logan schools’ improved grades (all Bs) last week from the New Mexico Public Education Department schools are an example of that excellence the school board would like to continue.

Cain’s resignation is effective Aug. 7, at which time he will start his duties in Portales. Cain was offered the position as Portales’ superintendent during a July 8 Portales school board meeting. Cain will be replacing Randy Fowler, who retired in June and had an annual salary of $120,000.

Cain said the Portales job, “will be like coming home.”

“My wife and I lived in Portales for 15 years and raised our family there,” he said. “Our oldest son works for the fire department and lives near Floyd. This move will put us near him and our grandsons. I have always believed Portales had a good school system.

“My oldest daughter graduated from Portales and had many opportunities she might not have had at another school. She is now a teacher in Texas. I look forward to being a part of something great and helping to make it even better. I look forward to working with what I believe is a very progressive board and staff who want what is best for kids.”

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