Comments from the canyons: Rattler reunion publications on their way

For Tucumcari High School alumni, our most special time of the year is arriving as we were reminded by the arrival of 2013 Tucumcari High School Rattler reunion annual and the 2013 Golden Rattler directory.

When these two publications arrive each year, we begin making plans to meet with special friends who will be coming home from points far and wide.

The reunion, hosted by the Class of 1983, will be held at Tucumcari Convention Center during Aug. 1-3. Each year, the class that graduated 30 years ago hosts the gathering and helps to plan many of the activities.

Their theme of “Let the Good Times Roll” lets us know that we can look forward to many outstanding activities and can anticipate the fun we will have during those three days.

The annual contains the list of activities we can attend and lets us know what to expect each day. It also contains the senior photos of the Class of 1983 so the rest of us can see how handsome and beautiful they were then and can see that they have remained much the same 30 years later.

It also contains pictures taken during last year’s reunion to remind us of the great times we had then and to tease us into wanting to have even more fun this year.

The 2013 Golden Rattler directory contains names and addresses of alumni from 1934 through 1963. It lets us know the whereabouts of friends who attended THS 50 or more years ago and gives us an opportunity to remain in contact with each other as time passes.

Being a Golden Rattler is a privilege for all of us who enjoy bragging about our years at THS as well as our years since graduating at least 50 years ago. Of course, having graduated 61 years ago gives this Golden Rattler pause to think it has been that long since the Class of ’52 walked across the stage to

receive our diplomas. Little did we know we would be gathering here so many years later to reminisce about what to the younger graduates seems to be ancient history.

We may be Golden, but we can still have just as much fun as anyone else, and we can still brag about our times spent in the Tucumcari schools.

Several people from those Golden Rattlers have called since receiving the two publications to express their pleasure at seeing the pictures and noting the listings. They are looking forward to that first weekend in August and are making all sorts of plans to be sure we can see each other some time during the weekend.

Several of my former students, who are also Golden Rattlers, have been in touch and have asked if we can meet during the time they are here. Being both an alumna and a former teacher at THS makes each reunion doubly special.

Having known people in all the years listed in the directory gives me even more pride in being among them. Knowing some of the most recent THS graduates also adds pleasure to being this aging alumna.

Let’s all get plenty of rest between now and the first weekend in August so we can enjoy the many events we will be attending. We may even have the opportunity to sing “Hail to the Rattlers!”

Most of all, let’s thank President Pamela Clark and the Rattler Board for the publications and for the year’s work they have done since last August.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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