VFW auxiliary president visits Tucumcari as part of national tour

Thomas Garcia

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary’s National President Gwendolyn Rankin visited Tucumcari Tuesday as part of a national tour.

“It has been a fabulous visit,” Rankin said.

Rankin was honored at a banquet at the Tucumcari Convention Center, attended by 50 members of the VFW Post 2528.

Opening the ceremony was the posting of colors by two National Guardsmen, afterwards Rankin call the two men to the podium.

“I want us all to take a moment to thank these two brave men,” Rankin said. “On behalf of 520,000 members of the VFW Auxiliary I thank you for your dedication and duty.”

Rankin said she is visiting Auxiliary chapters across the country to thank the members for their work and support of the department’s programs.

“Nationwide our members have worked so hard,” Rankin said. “We offer scholarships for the youth and Veteran’s assistance for those real heroes of our country.”

Rankin said the members work on increasing their membership, though their primary goal is to support the community and the veterans.

“It has been wonderful having our national president visit,” said Belinda Dominguez, Post 2528 Auxiliary President.

Dominguez said Rankin has commended her and all of Post 2528 on their recent efforts.

“We are over 100 percent on our membership drive,” Dominguez said. “We are also involved in several community outreach programs and veterans projects.”