Public hearing set for city redistricting

Thomas Garcia

A public hearing will be held on Nov. 29 to discuss the proposed redistricting of Tucumcari’s municipal districts.

“This will only effect the city’s municipal districts, it is not part of the proposed congressional redistricting,” said city clerk Christine Dougherty.

Dougherty said Sterling Fluharty, owner and project manager of Southwest Political Services of Albuquerque, has been working on adjusting the city’s districts to balance the population in each district.

Fluharty analyzed the 2010 census data and studied existing district maps. He said District 1 was under the required population and District 5 was over populated.

Fluharty presented the commission with three options to equalize the population Thursday during a commission meeting.

“We should hold a public hearing in order to give the public a chance to review these options and comment on them,” said District 1 Commissioner Antonio Apodaca.

Dougherty said the commission has to vote on one of the options at the Dec. 8 meeting to give her the proper time to call the March 6 municipal election.

“It is important to get one of the options approved,” Dougherty said. “I need to have enough time to call the election and Quay County Clerk Ellen White will need time to notify those voters who district has changed.”

The commission will also discuss a recent water rate increase following the public hearing on Nov. 29.