Governor appoints new racing commission members

QCSun staff

Gov. Susana Martinez has appointed four new members to the state racing commission, the Albuquerque Journal reported Wednesday.

According to the Journal, the new members include veterinarian Jerald Glenn Cosper of Los Lunas, American Quarter Horse Association Director Gayla McCulloch, attorney Rob Doughty III and race horse owner Beverly Bourguet. Ray Willis, a racing commission member since 2006, will continue to serve on the commission.

Quay County Gaming Authority Director Warren Frost said he was optimistic about the new commission lineup.

“I went to the first racing commission meeting today … I’m very excited about it. They are a wide variety of individuals and I’m convinced that they’re going to look at our application on the merits and do what’s in the best interests of horse racing for New Mexico, and that’s what their job is,” Frost said Thursday.

Frost said the topic of who would get the state’s last remaining racing license was not discussed at Thursday’s meeting.

“Hopefully by the next meeting, which is on April 14, we’ll know what’s going on as far as the application process,” Frost said.