Chamber stages Route 66 Festival Talent Show

Wlliam Thompson

According to Kim Andrews, of the Quay County/Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce, a talent show will be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tucumcari Convention Center. Anyone may enter the talent show by contacting the chamber of commerce. There will be no entry fee.

Andrews said she hopes a lot of singers will enter the talent show, but she said she also would like to see poets enter.
“We would love to have people reading cowboy poetry,” said Andrews. “Anybody with a talent is encouraged to enter, comedians or whatever.” Andrews said first prize in the talent show will be $250. “The best performers might also have a chance to appear at the Big Texan’s monthly talent show,” said Andrews. “Representatives from the Big Texan will be scouting talent here at our show.”

Sassie Chatman, of the Big Texan, said she will be the emcee of the talent show here in Tucumcari.
“The talent show in Tucumcari will be sort of a screening process,” said Chatman. “If someone is really good, we will offer them a chance to compete in the Big Texan’s monthly talent show.” Chatman said that tickets to the monthly dinner and talent show at the Big Texan will also be offered as prizes at the Tucumcari show. “We are in need of more talent for our talent show at the Big Texan,” said Chatman. “We’ve been going all over the Texas panhandle looking for talent and now we are coming to Tucumcari.” Chatman also said for interested performers to call her at 1-800-657-7177 if they needed any special sound equipment in order to perform at the Tucumcari talent show.

“I can bring some extra microphones for acoustic instruments,” she said, “and if any band really wants to participate, they can call me and I’ll see what equipment I can bring.” Chatman said that in addition to the Big Texan’s steer, Elmer, there will be another big surprise coming to Tucumcari from Amarillo Saturday. “You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas,” she said.