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Hunter Brasfield of Colorado does his best to stay on the bronc  Saturday during the bare back event of Champion Roughstock Challenge at the Quay County Rodeo Arena.

Roughstock event rides into town

Staff Report Fifty contestants competed in the Champion Roughstock Challenge on Saturday, trying their best to beat the bulls and horses and win their part of the $10,000 purse. “The event went well and we absolutely loved to bring the event back to Tucumcari, said Robert Allemand, general manager of BR Rodeo Productions, explaining that […]

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Steve Hansen: State lucky to avoid national coverage

By Steve Hansen Fromer QCS Managing Editor I have to wonder sometimes about the role of my media colleagues in the tragic police-involved events of the past several weeks. We’re the ones who decide whether a story goes national. Any more, it seems formulaic: White cop vs. black suspect. Black suspect dies during or shortly […]

Steve Hansen: Some summertime thoughts to ponder

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Some random mid-summer thoughts for the Fourth of July: • It’s hot and the thunderstorms seem to go around us in Tucumcari as if we had posted a “no storm” sign with “double fines” below it in the stratosphere.  We had a good one a couple of weeks […]

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Leonard Lauriault: Hear the teachings of Jesus as they are read

I wrote recently that while I was reading Revelation 19:6-8, I heard a rushing sound that caused me to perk up, thinking, “That was neat!” Then, because I have significant hearing loss in my right ear, I realized I’d forgotten to put my hearing aid in that morning. I don’t know what I heard or […]

Lauriault: Keep out nation on your prayer list

By Leonard Lauriault   Religion Columnist As Independence Day approaches, we’ll hear a lot about American freedom and patriotism. Our nation is the greatest on earth largely because of our ethnically diverse population, the natural resources God provided, and the freedoms we enjoy. Over time, though, our freedoms have eroded due in part to moral […]