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Songs from old hymnal get better with time

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I have a ragged songbook in the bookshelf next to my computer at home that has a first copyright three years before I was born. Anything between my birth date and the days Christ walked the Earth is pretty old, and we’ll just leave it at “this is a pretty […]

Yard work an exercise in futility; should I rent a cow?

By Steve Hansen QCS Managing Editor For a guy who hates yard work, I always seem to end up with the biggest yard in the block, and by the time I’m done trying, dreading, then giving up on yard work, my yard becomes a monument to failed intentions. Currently my lawn is threadbare, but the […]

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Do you have enough eternal life insurance coverage?

By Leonard Lauriault   Religion Columnist   While on vacation this summer, a lizard ran across the road right in front of me and the old question came to mind, so I woke up my wife and asked her, “Why did the lizard cross the road? (Answer: Because he thought he had good insurance.) She […]

Talking to strangers face-to-face brings joy, enrichment

By Debra Whittington Religion columnist “Be ye kind one to another”…Ephesians 4:32 There is something lacking in our electronically connected world…face-to-face communication with people we don’t know. The problem is that face-to-face communication is lacking in many areas of everyday life. We are just too busy to take the time and effort. All of this […]