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Hansen: Heat gone, but damage is done

As we indicate elsewhere in this newspaper, cooler weather has returned this month to Quay County. That means we see temperatures below 90 before 10 a.m. once in a while and clouds are appearing daily, sometimes bringing rain — sometimes even thunder, lightning and wind. Randall Hergert, a friendly voice of the National Weather Service […]

McDonald: Reading makes a writer better

Since the start of a new school year brings new adventures in education, and since reading and writing are essential to a good education, and since there’s a fair number of people who have trouble with reading and writing, I offer up a case study — myself. When I was a kid, I read words […]

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Lauriault:Grasshoppers, rainbows, and other reminders

A friend told me about a recent experience during which she opened a metal trash can outside and the grasshoppers in and around the can jumped onto her. She stated that she now knew how Pharaoh must have felt when God sent the plagues as a reminder that he (God) was in charge (Exodus chapters […]

Leonard Lauriault: Hear the teachings of Jesus as they are read

I wrote recently that while I was reading Revelation 19:6-8, I heard a rushing sound that caused me to perk up, thinking, “That was neat!” Then, because I have significant hearing loss in my right ear, I realized I’d forgotten to put my hearing aid in that morning. I don’t know what I heard or […]