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A miscalculation of a girl dog in heat

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist   I grew up on a farm so I learned at a young age about the birds and the bees. I learned first hand what goes on between girl animals and boy animals when girl animals come into season. But I guess it’s been too long since I was down […]

Walker encounters pigs, pigskins and Pepsi

By Karl Terry CMI Columnist I met a pig on a walk around the other day. He grunted several times but had little else to say. Driven by a young man with his new show stick. Roadwork before the fair should do the trick. I’ve started walking again in the mornings and it’s truly amazing […]

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Heeding the rooster’s crow is a reminder of Jesus’ return

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist I heard this joke once: Why do preachers eat so much fried chicken? They’re getting even with the rooster for telling on Peter (Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75; John 13:31-38; 18:15-18, 25-27). I suspect that preachers who eat fried chicken often do so because that’s what their host for the week served […]

Christians are as varied as the fruits of the garden 

By Debra Whittington Religion Columnist   “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”. Matthew 7:20   It is that time of year once again when the harvest brings all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. After a long summer of watering and weeding the crops are ready to pick. It takes careful attention during […]